The gaming worm inside you


Krrida is all about gamming. The Infomagine Softwares' initiative Krrida came into existence in 2015. We have been into information technology and softwares, now, for more than a decade.

The games market (PC/Online/Mobile) saw a great leap in past years. We too see immense opportunity in gaming for us. Being in software industry it makes sense to get into this market. More so its satisfies are creative urge to. A team is being built for games per se.

We want to create all kind of games, though the focus today is on mobile and tablet versions. We are slowly picking up the pace and we fore see that you will soon see lot of lovely games coming from the house of Krrida.

You can help us as we are open for feedback, criticism and most importantly ideas. So if you have something in mind just drop us a line and share your vision. If we see potential in your idea we would love to convert that into a game.